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Antenna woes

Sun, 29/11/2015 - 15:43 -- andyripley

It was last Monday night. The receive signal strength of GB3HG wasn't its usual full set of bars on the rig and I wasn't getting into the box very well. It had been very wet, so I'd assumed my coax (of unknown vintage) had finally died.

In the hills again - SOTA Activation - G/NP-010 Pen-Y-Ghent

Sat, 17/10/2015 - 09:30 -- morganrushton

I managed to activate Pen-Y-Ghent last weekend whilst out walking with friends. My first attempt to activate the summit earlier in the year using my Baofeng UV-5R on 2m came to nothing and it's been niggling me ever since.
One thing I've learned about SOTA activations is they don't always go to plan, the last time we were in the Yorkshire Dales on Ingelborough we had to abort due to an electrical storm (we'd actually made the summit and I was about to set up when a rumble of thunder had us scurrying off the top heading for lower ground).

Cancelling those excuses

Wed, 14/10/2015 - 17:23 -- andyripley

There's something to be said for a sunspot minimum, or upcoming one. You could of course just expect to not make any contacts on the higher HF bands for a few years and mutter on about not having the room for low band antennas etc.
There will be the occasional contact on such as 10m and 6m but having modes other than F-layer propagation, it's just that you may have to put the thought of getting VK or ZL on the back burner for a while. Maybe the odd hop into Europe, but no real DX perhaps.

Antenna Surgery - Saturday 3rd October 2015

Sat, 03/10/2015 - 14:24 -- morganrushton

A few club members popped round to help Mike G4IUF sort a few missing elements on his beam this morning. Big thanks to Mikes XYL for the refreshments and to David G3UNA and Roy 2E0RHH for helping out.
I'm sure we'll have a full explanation of the beams characteristics on Thursday at the club. In the meantime have a browse of the images from this morning - now there's an mast many of us dream of owning one day!

N1MM+ 1.0.5210 Undocumented feature!

Tue, 22/09/2015 - 21:22 -- andyripley

If you're on Windows 7 and N1MM+ says there's today's latest version of it's logging software - DON'T DO IT.
It loses the port numbers, so it doesn't connect, it just gives whatever port numbers in the list it thinks it has, not the one that's actually used to connect to the radio.
Stay on an earlier version and resist the idea of updating. It's not the computer as HRD works just fine on COM4 but N1MM+ doesn't show that port here.
N1MM+ doesn't appear to have a "report a bug feature" on their website.
The "non-plus" version works fine here.

It's not square

Mon, 14/09/2015 - 17:09 -- andyripley

My portable nemesis is 6m. I did have a 3 element Yagi, but I never managed to get it to work properly, so was sold to Sam who seems to have made it work. Never mind, it was a bit too big. I wanted something a little more practical. A Moxon square, though it's anything but. Even an HB9CV for 6m seems too big - though my 2m version works fine.
After searching the net and finding a suitable design I them made a trip to the local Electrical wholesalers and bought a kit of 20mm conduit bits. The whole let was then cut to size and then slotted together.


Wed, 02/09/2015 - 16:51 -- andyripley

Last month I was away for the week and decided to try operating from the North Yorkshire Moors, with a little success, it was worth trying and I gave a few points away from my spot by the side of the A169 at the Hole of Horcum. This month I was at home, and decided it's worth having a high spot as I'm only operating a modest setup (ancient FT290R, 30W linear and an HB9CV antenna).

Almost QRN'd out

Sun, 23/08/2015 - 18:21 -- andyripley

22nd August 2015. The Yorkshire Dales. It's 2100hrs. We're stuck in a field with a thunderstorm going on around us. I should have at that time been dropped off at Cam Farm ready to do some walking.
Graham G0SCV had walked over from Horton, and right through the middle of the heaviest rain and most active thunderstorm to hit the area this year. I missed the rain, as I was stuck at Buckden.

The Hills Are Alive! (First SOTA activation)

Sun, 16/08/2015 - 17:26 -- morganrushton

I became interested in radio earlier this year after a 20 odd year sabbatical and decided to take the exam and gain my licence to operate within the law. It wasn't long before I found the SOTA website  (Summits On The Air) and re-ignited another 'lost along the way' interest of mine - walking (not the general get from A to B type - proper walking, hills etc).


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