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Sotabeams WSPRlite WSPR Beacon Review

Fri, 09/12/2016 - 09:56 -- M0VGA


K1JT’s superb WSPR protocol has kept me busy/addicted for months, but until recently I was RX only, relying on the global network of other Ham’s WSPR transmitters so that I could spot and report them to the central WSPR database using my station to get an idea of propagation conditions, my antenna performance and just for fun!

Frankenstein's Antenna

Fri, 16/09/2016 - 07:45 -- andyripley

For those who have large antennas, it's bound to happen. Gradually over the years you will collect a pile of broken bits. As Brimham hadn't had a go at 6m it was decided that after a session of messing about with a dipole at the farm, it might be an idea to build one using the pile of bits.

The boom was part of an old antenna and the elements reusued from broken parts. Fixings varied, including the use of cable cleats to hold the thinner parts.

It made a session of the UKAC a bit more productive, and where the operation is from qualifies for SAGHOTA.

Thunderbolt and lightning, Very, very frightening me.

Fri, 16/09/2016 - 00:33 -- M0RBY

When you hear a badboy like this rolling up the Dales you make sure of a few things. 1) The dog is safe, 2) All sticky up in the air things are not connected to the rigs and 3) you've got a camera ready! The rain was hammering down when this storm rolled in so I couldn't get outside. As a result I had to take these indoors behind the patio doors - what a show!

For those who care, 24mm, ISO 2000, 5s @ f/16 on Canon 5D mkIII


Antex XS25 Soldering Iron Review

Fri, 16/09/2016 - 00:25 -- M0RBY

What happens when you leave a soldering iron in its stand and switched on for an extended period of time? You wreck it, that's what. After donkey's years of service my Weller 60D iron had given up the ghost and I had reluctantly replaced it with an Antex 25W iron which I was almost determined to hate. However, I had to admit somewhat grudgingly, that it did a great job. It was lightweight, warmed up quickly, melted solder and had enough power to do about 99% of the jobs I needed it to - all the things you would expect of an iron.

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Wed, 31/08/2016 - 13:24 -- M0HYH

Always interested in finding new things to read and enjoy ....

Google search is useful but if you have a spare 1/2hr and just want something random but of interest to you then there is no better tool than stumbleupon.  I just re-discovered it for ham and amatuer radio and have uncovered some real nice pages in the internet.  Register yourself, register your interest and then hit the stumble button .... picture example below.


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100 things to do in amatuer radio ....

Thu, 25/08/2016 - 14:35 -- M0HYH

Found this list .... particularly found of the 160m comment

Action or Activity

2M SSB or CW
Working the "weak signal" bands can be fun!

6M - what a great band!
Operate the "magic" band on SSB or FM

10M - This band can really jump
Join 10-10 international and KEEP THE BAND OPEN!

75 Meter Roundtables
Sometime called the groan and moan nets!

160M – Get on the band
The Gentleman's Band – May need a different antenna

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Thu, 25/08/2016 - 12:30 -- M0HYH

Is a great article and I love the idea of Hamradio extending the internet via wifi routers. Certinaly worth a read as it take you onto : and finally the wonderful Linksys WRT54G gets everywhere ....

one of the few routers around that can be "hacked" and the signals boosted if you have poor wifi performance from your broadband supplier router .... my BT router is terrible ....

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Wed, 24/08/2016 - 10:07 -- M0HYH

Seems my previous postings all went under the 2m dipole blog ....

I have updated and hope folks will get some use out of my recent reading.


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