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Fri, 01/07/2016 - 14:54 -- M0HYH

My efforts for getting on the air have been shameful but I am sure like many of us its down to time.

After salving some 1960's 15m (approx) copper pipe from a house renovation project I decided to think about a loop.

However, after a talk at the club, the power scared me so I decided to look alternatives for my copper.  Having straightened the loop wishing for a 2m dipole.

A couple of great links are attached from x4zt and w6jmf.  Both are very professional and I hope once my own effort comes together I can achieve something akin to these.  I drop a note or two on with pictures of the assembly once it comes together.


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This is not promotional just wanted to share this SDR Board.  Its expensive but "extensive".

It would be nice to get one of these for club and test use.

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Well what a lot of fun .... inbetween my significant other (non radio) projects ...

I cut 19" length x 2 cross secftions which were 5/8" (15mm) copper pipe after discussions with D Cutter.

I found a nice piece of 7/8" (22mm) x 4' long to foirm the verttical.

A T section from the plumber merchants 2x5/8" + 1x7/8" to pull this all together & a nice electical external seal juntion box

Copper wire and a PL259 connector....

I wired the whole thing together internally through the copper pipe.

Cut two channels through the 7/8" pipe and created the choke winder.

Wires through the bottom of the 7/8" tube to the PL259 inside the electrical jnction box ....

Next steps are test and match ....

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Jerry Powell began his ham radio operation in 1929 and with the exception of the World War II years (when government forbade ham radio operators to take to the air) he was in continuous communication with people all over the world until his death in 1999.

This book tells the story of Powell and the people he met. It is a record of one man's contacts during times of war, depression, peace and floods. 

This book brings together over 500 QSLs received by Jerry and provides commentary on each one.

Its is insightful, warm and great at bringing history of the 20th Century to life....


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So I finally overcame the urge to get hold of a hackrf.  As you can see it is in a clear plastic cover to match my raspberry pi.

I am working on a flash update and then hope to hook it into the pi when time permits.

Very excited at the prosepcts of working with this and the soon to be constructed 160m antenna.

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Is a very nice webpage from w8ji on the beverege antenna.

I was interested on zigzag lines and w8ji has suggested it will not impact too much.

Another project with copper pipe one at the coax end to earth, and the other at the far end lopped in with a terminating resistor ....... I am fortunate to have access to about 100m of barb wire running along a fence sl lets take advantage of it..