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Sat, 22/12/2012 - 19:06 -- andyripley

Having had the antenna for about 5 years, it being hung up for most of that plus being used on various Special Events, where it usually had some damage. Over the years it's wire has been misused, work hardened, and generally tired out.
The start was with the wire and coils made up with 19/0.2 wire, so it's not that strong or efficient. My mistake was to replace the one side that had the most problem when it snapped again with some new wire. Yes, but this silicone insulated test lead wire has lots of 0.05mm strands and and more of a CSA. Yes but that's a problem.
When the lop sided one was put up it would not tune! Down it came, I borrowed the MFJ259 from the club, and replaced the wire on the other side as well. The it went up with the new dipole centre (the original one and the coax were suspect). It, without trimming, was resonant nicely at 3.730MHz. Sounds fine, but I really needed the other end of the band.
Down it came, 6.35mm spade terminals added and tails made up, and then the process of trimming them to about 3.600MHz which will mean the ATU will cope, but not the one in the rig. Oh yes, it's more efficient, but the return signal increased so the tuning is rather sharper. Yes the bandwidth has reduced.
It's back up, and hopefully to last a few more years.