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Sun, 23/08/2015 - 18:21 -- andyripley

22nd August 2015. The Yorkshire Dales. It's 2100hrs. We're stuck in a field with a thunderstorm going on around us. I should have at that time been dropped off at Cam Farm ready to do some walking.
Graham G0SCV had walked over from Horton, and right through the middle of the heaviest rain and most active thunderstorm to hit the area this year. I missed the rain, as I was stuck at Buckden.
2100 was also the time the organisers decided to hold the participants in this charity event at the check points. This stayed until two and a half hours later when they decided to let them set off again. In the meantime, paths had become waterlogged, diversions put in place and roads flooded or covered in debris. We thought it was close to being stopped altogether, no doubt it was.
Quite a storm too, we'd been tracking the weather all afternoon as the storms formed and moved up the country. It was the best we've had, with a night light show. The antennas at home were disconnected before I set off.
At 0230 hours Graham and his sweep team emerged from the dark and I started the walk down the road. It wasn't raining, the wind was getting up, and myself and "K9" set off. My new boots were on their first serious outing. The waterproofs were in the bag, and I wore the gaiters for the long grass.
Several hours of wandering through the dark following the markers and last walkers, we arrived at the temporarily shifted water point at Deepdale. Moved from the other side of the river, as it was in spate and we'd walked down the road. I changed the sweep team, then set off again.
Miles of muddy fields came next, bits of woodland, until the daylight slowly came and we arrived in Buckden. Our cue to finish for the night, it being about 0545 or so.
I was of course accompanied by my usual walking companion, mentioned on the Op Order as "K9", who made it all the way without complaining too much. She is just catching up with the zzz's back home. Dare say her appetite will be back when she wakes up.
Back in Skipton before 0700, a quick grab of breakfast and then an appointment with a nice comfortable bed for a few hours.
My feet were dry, new boots worked, a plus.