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Sun, 29/11/2015 - 15:43 -- andyripley

It was last Monday night. The receive signal strength of GB3HG wasn't its usual full set of bars on the rig and I wasn't getting into the box very well. It had been very wet, so I'd assumed my coax (of unknown vintage) had finally died.
When I had the chance at the weekend down came the mast and swopped the feeder for my spare (portable antenna kit) on but this didn't cure the problem. So I took it down again and changed the antenna for my dual band one usually used with my portable mast. That cured it, but still left me with a poorly antenna. I had thought it was that the base was loose but that didn't explain why it was so far out of tune.
As I extracted the element from the fibreglass tube it became obvious why it wasn't well. Something had come loose.
I then fired up the soldering iron and tacked it back on. Then I tried it inside, horizontally, with only one radial. The SWR was down to 1.5.
Now this is an antenna that has had a broken radial. In the absence of any replacements I made one using studding. Yes, a 1m piece from the local engineering supplies company, which also made some for the dual bander as well...
It's too windy to put it back up today.