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Sun, 10/06/2012 - 16:59 -- andyripley

     Now that Rob now has high new 2m Yagi, it was chance to give him a chance to use it. Only my plans were a lttle less ambitious, and that was to operate in the 144MHz Backpackers Contest.
     All didn't go too well, as not far into the contest the batteries that had been sitting in my "charged" collection we not much of the sort. They lasted not too long. After a distorted QSO with Rob I put the ones from the camera and their spares into the venerable FT290R and eaked out a bit more life and a few more QSO's.
     There was a bit of Sporadic-E about, I heard a burst of IS0SWW. No chance, my FT290R takes a time to settle down, she's an old girl really. Managed 11 contacts, not much else heard, I suspect it's as many don't beam north.


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Sometimes you get to do radio in the great outdoors. This one was for the Jane Tomlinson Walk For All event, which started at Settle. The day started well enough, allocated as "sweep" that is following along the last of the walkers. Apart from the "false start" where we set off before the last pair of walkers. Soon we were off on the somewhat steady but relentless climb.
Once on the top we caught up with the slowest walkers, not necessarily the last off and followed them... til they took a wrong turn and we waited for them to come back to us and go through the right gate. Past the Calamine mines on the moor of course. At this point the rain started, just gentle at first.
Of course it got heavier, especially as we waited up at the top of the cove. We got wet.

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Having had this up for about 5 years, a few weeks ago it refused to tune on anything, I assumed it was somewhat poorly. That is a good life for a wire antenna really.
One of the wires going onto a coil had broken, but with the 19/0.2 wire snapped plenty of times, and the coax from the DIY dipole centre was suspect. The roll of wire I had was not the same, it is more test lead wire, picked up from the returned stock at a well known component supplier's trade counter.
From the dipole centre to the coil, which is 110 turns of 19/0.2 on a piece of pvc waste pipe, is 2.5m from the centre, then the rest is about 3.5m long. The reason for it being approx is that it needs to be trimmed to wherever in the band you want it to be tuned. I made it and found it to be nicely tuned at about 3.730, so the connectable tails were made to bring it to the other end of the band. Make it too long and then nip it back to where you want it.
The new wire, new coax, and the reduction of losses have meant it's now narrower band than before, but that was probably due to something about the losses in the system. The rig's AMU won't cope - but the externalone will. However I am more of a fan of resonant antennas, quick lower of antenna with pulley, unplug tail, and rehoist (less than 2 minute job really).
I'd like to make a similar one tuned for 3.560 for portable use, but do remember to tune it for the real height you are to use it.