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Sun, 12/03/2017 - 19:44 -- M0HYH

Due to a business trip this week I found myself in Milton Keynes on Saturday 11 March 2017.

So I took the opportunity to visit Bletchley Park.

This was a revisit for me but a first time for my wife and my younger daughter who joined me for the day.  Bletchley is steeped in history and a bit of myth and legend for good measure.  It is certainly worth the visit and the entrance fee if you are interested in a period of our shared history which had such a profound impact on almost everything we have today.  My younger daughter came away with an insight into the war years she did not have before!  A lot of this driven by radio communications!

On entry we detoured to the which I missed on my first visit.  Very impressed with the displays, timeline, enthusiasm of the volunteers fromt he RSGB, equipment and their "ultimate radio shack" somthing to die for!   Beautiful valve display as you move through the exhibits too!  See the photo which does not really do it justice.

We decided on the Bletchley guided tour.  Very informative and put to rest the truth that Alan Turing did not do it all himself.  Welshmann was probably the key player through out the whole period.  We also got to see an enigma machine in action and a "bombe" that cracked its short morse code messages  ....

Finally and after a coffee we had a trek up to where a "Colossus" replica can be found ... A great place to warm up on a cold day .... so many valves!  This room size device built by the "man at the post office" Tommy Flowers is staggering particularly when we can now do so much on a smartphone. 

However, this room sized device triggered the birth of computers as we know it today.  This "first" computer decoded so many of those longer "teletype" messages sent also through the airwaves. 

A great day out!