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Mon, 02/10/2017 - 13:18 -- M0VGA

I’m a big fan of WSPR for many reasons, normally operating a Sotabeams WSPRLite beacon TX on 40m at 200mW 24x7x365 and also RX using my Elecraft KX3 connected to a Windows 10 laptop running WSPR v2.12 as much as I can - both using independent OCFD wire antennas from Aerial-51, locator IO93fx.

Lads weekend away in the Lake District this weekend based in Threlkeld (29-30 Sept 2017), found myself with a couple of hours spare to play radio and had packed some minimal radio gear in case the opportunity arose :)

We stayed in a pub in Threlkeld at the base of Blencathra, they have a great range of Jennings beers & proper decent pub grub!

I couldn’t establish any activity from my 2m handheld (Yaesu FT-60) but had some success with my 200mW WSPR beacon and a portable end fed antenna from HyEndFed. I configured the WSPRLite beacon for 40m, 200mW & locator IO84lp using spare call sign M6WFM and used a USB power bank from RAVPower as the portable power supply.

Three scenarios – the end fed thrown in some trees some way up the hill, same antenna in a circular hedge feature lower down and then strung loosely inside my upstairs B&B room in the pub with some length out of the window.

All three locations got some WSPR spots, and a surprisingly small performance variation between the three locations. I probably spent 20 minutes in each location maximum due to time constraints so not a great sample size but encouraging to see some spots around Europe with so little RF power and a compromised end fed antenna with little height (AGL) and no counterpoise or earth – see picture attached for map of spots.

It was a shame not to make a VHF voice contact, but great to see some WSPR spots!

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2nd October 2017

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