To promote and explore the hobby of amateur radio. Providing quality training for all amateurs and in all aspect of the hobby.

We are fully registered to tutor and examine the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses and run courses throughout the year for the Foundation and Intermediate. Recently our members have been taking the Advanced course via the excellent Bath Distance Learning Course and we support students at all stages of their studies.

We are also an examination centre for all levels of the American Amateur Radio licenses.

The UK Licensing Structure

Foundation - this is the first course you have to take and is usually run on Sunday afternoons over six weeks. There is a morse appreciation test as well as practical use of the radio and a twenty five question multiple choice test at the end. A succesful candidate will then be able to apply for an M6 callsign and use most of the amateur bands with a power of 10 watts.

Intermediate - after passing the Foundation course you can now move on to the next level. Successful completion will allow you to apply for a 2E0 callsign and use 50 watts on more of the amateur bands as well as through amateur radio satellites. The course includes a practical construction project as well as adding to the theory learnt on the foundation.

Advanced - The last stage towards your full licence is the advanced course. Passing this one entitles you to run 400 watts and access to all of the amateur bands. It will also allow you to operate abroad when on holiday under the CEPT agreement. You will be able to apply for an M0 callsign.

Courses at Ripon and District ARS

Courses at RADARS are free for members. Non-members will need to join the club (currently £25 per year - July 2016) so that you are covered by our insurances whilst on club premises. You will need to bring some basic equipment with you like pens, pad and a calculator. You will also need the latest copy of the excellent books which cover the syllabus. These are available from the RSGB.

We generally run our courses on a Sunday afternoon from 1300 to 1600 to suit the candidates but we do have the ability to be flexible to suit the candidates. For information about the syllabus and the requirements for the exams, please take a look at the RSGB website.

Applying for your exams

Courses generally take 6 weeks for the Foundation and 8-10 weeks for the Intermediate depending on progress. Please check the Bath Amateur Radio Society page for information about the Advanced Distance Learning courses.

Exam fees for the Foundation and Intermediate will need to be paid to the club or directly to the RSGB online no later than 3 weeks before the intended date of the exam and a completed Candidate Application Form will need to be filled in and handed in or emailed to the Exam Secretary. Please also provide a copy of your proof of payment if you pay online.

For the Advanced Exam you will need to pay for the exam and hand in the Candidate Application Form at least 1 clear calendar month before sitting the exam.

The exam fees are non-refundable whether you sit the exam or not.

Candidate Application forms can be found at the RSGB website by clicking here

For the Foundation Exam you will need to complete form EX200 - Candidate Application Form for Foundation Examination

For the Intermediate Exam you will need to complete form EX201 - Candidate Application Form for Intermediate Examination

For the Advanced Exam you will need to complete form EX202 - Candidate Application Form for Advanced Examination

UK Exam Centre Details

Our registration number is 04-354/A and the address of the examination centre is 21 Water Skellgate, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1BH

American Amateur Radio Licenses

We usually hold the US exam sessions on a Tuesday night at 7.30pm in the club bunker by prior arrangement. You will find directions on our website.

Three examiners are required so please let us know the dates that you will be available and we will get back to you with a mutual date.

You will need the following to take the exam:-

• A pencil
• A photo ID (driving license or passport etc.)
• Either $15 or £10
• An address in the US (this can belong to a friend or relative)

You can take all three exams (Tech, General & Extra) for the same exam fee but you must pass one to progress on to the other. If you need to resit a paper it will be another $15.

If you already have a US license and are upgrading please bring your existing license with you.


You will find many resources on the internet, books may be bought from the ARRL at and from W5YI at

You can test yourself to see whether you are likely to pass at
All the questions that you will get are available for study.

For more information please contact us using the 'Contact Radars' link and select the 'US Licensing' category.