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Sun, 20/01/2019 - 09:08 -- andyripley

Oh well, one to clock up.

Buckden Pike G/NP-009 but unfortunately it wasn't to be, and I can blame the weather.
The ascent of the hill went well enough, we didn't get lost even with 2E0IVY navigating (he's getting better!), and no mishaps on the way up.
Alas the subzero temperature did less than brilliant for the NiMH battery in my handheld, dead. They don't like being chilled. Never mind.
I suppose I ought to have brought a backup handheld with Li-Ion battery in it, but neither ones are as good a performance as my almost vintage FT60.
Still, at least we got out. All good practice for what we're planning in April.

So the pictures are Dave 2E0IVY on the way up the hill, M0DCD at the summit, and the path down from Starbotton Fell past the Coatnook Vein mine.