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Sat, 15/09/2018 - 10:02 -- andyripley

Yes finally, we did it. A steam rally, just the place for steam powered radio.

No we didn't have as much room as previously experienced at the Vintage Machinery Rally, so the antenna situation was less than ideal. The VHF antenna worked very well, but hanging the 80m loaded dipole didn't work and we had problems getting out. I suspect that most of the RF was going to warm the ground.

The weather wasn't too good on Saturday, but the awning kept the rain off us and the tea kept flowing. The Flea Market brought me a nice gas lantern of fairly epic output.

Sunday was a swop of the HF antenna for the German one, a pluggable dipole, which was a vast improvement and worked on 40 and 20 fine, at least for the few contacts we did. There was more banter and less radio this weekend.

There was a good attendance with M0RBY, M0KOV and G8BNE showing themselves. I even didn't manage to get through two cans of petrol for the generator. It was good in terms of access and setting up.

M0KOV had a first, a 40m contact via DL-land!
Kit used - IC720, FT2900 and FT450D.

Andy M0DCD