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Mon, 14/09/2015 - 17:09 -- andyripley

My portable nemesis is 6m. I did have a 3 element Yagi, but I never managed to get it to work properly, so was sold to Sam who seems to have made it work. Never mind, it was a bit too big. I wanted something a little more practical. A Moxon square, though it's anything but. Even an HB9CV for 6m seems too big - though my 2m version works fine.
After searching the net and finding a suitable design I them made a trip to the local Electrical wholesalers and bought a kit of 20mm conduit bits. The whole let was then cut to size and then slotted together.
The next move is to tune it up, but that requires the analyser, but I don't expect it to be far off. All needed for the UKAC for the 3rd Tuesday in the month.
Ring terminals on the end of the elements, and nylon strimmer cord as insulator, by the way.


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The strimmer cord seperators have gone. I found a coat hanger and by use of hacksaw, drill and nuts and bolts, there are proper insulators between the driven element and reflector.
SWR about 1.1 at 50MHz and up to 1.7 at 52MHz, which I consider not worth changing.