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Thu, 30/06/2016 - 11:12 -- G3UNA

This is about how I raise and lower my 12m Spiderpole.  I will add bits to this story in due course.  I start with how I made the ground anchoring system as a replacement for my heavy screw anchors, photo 1.  See the photos for better details.  Sorry they are not in order.

My spike anchors started with 440mm of 50mm lightweight aluminium tube.  I made 2 mirror image anchors from one piece with very little waste.  I cut radially half way across the tube in 2 places about 100mm in from each end, in opposite directions: see photo 8.  Then I joined the 2 cuts with 2 axial cuts.  This created 2 parts (photo9) which were then cut to make a point on each, photo 3.  I drilled holes in each spike to take the pivot/cross bar.  

The mast sits in a piece of scrap rain water pipe and rests on the cross bar between each ground spike.  

The falling derrick is made from 2 x 1 tanalised wood, drilled and fitted to the cross bar.  This will later be replaced by telescoping fishing rod when I determine the right size.  

The top of the derrick is joined to the Spiderpole mast at about 7m by 1.5mm cord which is also arranged in line as a pull down cord. The derrick stands vertical when the Spiderpole is on the ground.   As the derrick is pulled toward the ground, it raises the mast which is guyed off at 90degrees on each side.  The pull down cord attaches to a guy fixing in the ground.  Another guy fixing is arranged diametrically opposite as the front stay about 5m from the anchors.  So I have 4 guys at 90 degree intervals about 5m from the anchors.