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The Vintage Machinery Rally Story 2006 - 2012

Originally we were asked if we could have an amateur station at the North Yorkshire Vintage Machinery Society's annual rally back in 2006. RADARS wasn't the first to be asked, apparantly it went to two other clubs before it was passed to the Hambleton Club. Seems their secretary decided that although their club couldn't manage it on their own , the knew a group that would. Thus it became a "Riggwelter" event, clubbing together the resources to carry out the rather involved weekend.

For all but the last one the event was near the village of Scorton near Catterick, on a nice level and well drained field, nicely away from any power lines. Quite ideal really. Only the presence of a few rather badly suppressed engines would occasionally cause the liberal use of the noise blanker.

It all did revolve around the use of the caravan and awning for the display, the supply of teas and coffeee and the bacon butties. We were never too far from the beer tent at Scorton, having to pass the chuck wagon to get there.

Items scrounged were obviously the operators, a mast from Raynet, and various bit and bobs as the years went by.

The incidence of it being at the same weekend as the Scandanavian Activity Contest did manage to get a good number of entries in the log from outside the UK, but then the "Railways On The Air" events came up and we have been asked which railway we were. Also niggling was the fact it was the Wensleydale Railway's Diesel Gala weekend and Masham Sheep Fair.

It shall be sadly missed, it was hard work but a very good event in exposure to the public. It does however now free us to do Railways that weekend.