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We are happy to announce our 2019 Rally - Sunday 14th April 2019

Welcome back to the club everyone. Meetings are back on as normal every Thursday night at the Bunker from 1930.

RADARS are pleased to announce the 2017 Rally - 23rd April 2017, Hugh Ripley Hall, Ripon. More info



Nidderdale 2m Net 145.400 MHz Mike G4IUF chairing

Nidderdale 80m Net 3655kHz +- QRM Mike G4IUF chairing

2m club net on GB3HG 145.6250MHz

Club night

Congratulations to our three Foundation candidates who all passed the exam and now have shiny new M6 call signs!

  • Phil M6PHV
  • Simon M6HDI
  • Tom M6HDN

Thanks go to our club tutors for giving up their time and helping our candidates get another 100% exam pass rate!

Phil M6PHV/M was wasting no time getting on air, being heard on Monday's weekly 2m RADARS Club Net via GB3HG :)


RADARS are happy to announce the Ripon Rally. Full details can be found at We look forward to seeing you!

M0 Call Signs

Congratulations to our five candidates who all passed their Advanced exams in December 2015. Their hard work over several months with the Bath Based Advanced Distance Learning course and support from the Ripon & District ARS made this great success with another 100% pass rate for Amateur Radio exams held at our club during 2015.

  • Alan M0HYJ (was 2E0FBM)
  • Archie M0VAF (was 2E0PUB)
  • Colin M0HYH (was 2E0DPL)
  • David M0VGA (was 2E0WFM)
  • Roy M0RDY (was 2E0RHH)

Congratulations, and look forward to hearing you all on the air again soon!
Ripon & District Amateur Radio Society