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Wed, 02/09/2015 - 16:51 -- andyripley

Last month I was away for the week and decided to try operating from the North Yorkshire Moors, with a little success, it was worth trying and I gave a few points away from my spot by the side of the A169 at the Hole of Horcum. This month I was at home, and decided it's worth having a high spot as I'm only operating a modest setup (ancient FT290R, 30W linear and an HB9CV antenna).
First Tuesday of the month is the UK Activity Contest and an excuse to fire up this lot up. I used the portable power unit with a 17Ah battery in it. I know it's that as I put a new (ie purchased new) battery in it recently, it gives enough life for the contest.
It was a nice evening and not too cold, possibly looking like good conditions. Well it certainly was, my second contact was down into Kent and 332km, so off to a good start. The rest of the session was a steady plod on contacts including a pair of the locals, fellow club member Roger G8BNE and Chris G4FZN.
Of course I used the laptop and N1MM+ to log, and of course it was running without a data link to the rig - it goes back to not quite the stone (crystal controlled) age. The "in-car" shack arrangements have worked well previously, quite good enough for the duration of the contest sessions.
It gives a nice sense of satisfaction to get 300+ km contacts on 2m. Something with being on a good spot and having favourable atmospheric conditions.